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Brett Bittiger testimonial


1)       How do you feel about the LVBA program?

I am very proud to be a member of LVBA’s baseball tradition. The overall culture of professionalism and hard work that has been established at LVBA is wholly unmatched in the area. I have witnessed firsthand, both as a player and as a coach, the tremendous impact that the program can have on players’ lives and careers. Whether you are a young player looking to make a serious commitment to the game, or you’re an older player trying to make the jump to the next level, LVBA consistently presents committed players with opportunities to improve and succeed.

2)       How did you benefit from the program through your collegiate and/or professional career?

In my own career, I came to LVBA in early high school, and spent several years playing shortstop for LVBA Director and Coach, Dylan Dando. My only regret is that I could not join the Academy sooner, as I quickly realized the positive impact that the program had on both my physical skills and mental toughness. After a few years of competitive training and tournaments, I was seen and signed by Division-1 Fairleigh Dickinson University (along with two of my LVBA teammates) while playing shortstop for the Academy’s 18U travel team. The next summer, I was selected in the 41st round of the 2011 MLB Draft by the Oakland Athletics, the same team that would later draft me in the 40th round of the 2016 MLB Draft. It’s difficult for me to imagine having the opportunity to play under scholarship at two different colleges (D-I FDU and D-II Pace University), and to be selected twice in the MLB Draft, without the discipline, instruction, and overall preparation that I received at LVBA.

3)       What made you decide to come back to the program as a coach and/or instructor?

Though I’m currently playing in the Oakland Athletics organization, I am very happy to be able to coach and instruct at LVBA in the fall and winter months. As soon as I had finished playing at the Academy, I knew that I wanted to eventually return, to give back to the program that had given me so much. Being a coach and instructor at LVBA gives me that opportunity, and allows me to share my knowledge and experience with the most talented and committed baseball players in the area. I love baseball, and consider the duty of passing it on to the next generation of players an important and enjoyable task. I can think of no better place to accomplish this than right here at LVBA.