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Chad Frankenfield testimonial

1. How do you feel about the LVBA program?

Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy’s program has been a part of my life now for 10 years. This program pushed me beyond belief as a player and has pushed me to become a better coach. This program is all about developing athletes, not just as baseball players, but as people as well. The academy offers fantastic role models from the veteran coach of 35 years to the coach who is still playing the game. I have even seen players on our older teams become role models for our younger players. I have played my travel ball, I have played my high school and college ball, and yet I can call a coach at LVBA and ask them a question about why my two-seam fastball in my men`s summer league is doing this instead of that. This program is a one big family and as soon as you walk up those steps you become a part of that family. 

2. How did you benefit from the program through your college career?

If it was not for LVBA and its coaching staff, I would never have played college baseball. I was a stubborn high school kid that had a mindset that I was a starting pitcher and the bullpen wasn`t for me. Looking back, I realize now that my stuff was not good enough to be a starting pitcher in college. However, it was good enough to be a dominant 1-to-2 innings pitcher. I would have never found that out on my own. I was the closer on my last 2 summers at LVBA on the 17u/18u showcase team and was good enough to get looks from colleges all over the states looking for a back-end bullpen pitcher. I decided to go to Centenary College of New Jersey and was a closer there for 4 years. I trained and used the facilities at LVBA to prepare for each one of those seasons. The staff was always there to answer questions or just observe a bullpen. If i had a bad outing or needed some advice on the mound, all I had to do was to pick up the phone and I could have a lengthy conversion on what I needed to do. When it was all said and done at Centenary, I finished 1st on the career ERA list, 1st on the single season ERA list, 3rd in saves, and 2nd in appearances. I was also able to earn 2nd team all-conference honors as a reliever. I could not have accomplished these feats without LVBA.

3. What made you decide to come back to the program as a coach or instructor?

I knew as soon as I hung up the LVBA uniform as a player that I wanted to give back and become a coach in the program. I have now been a coach at the academy for the past 6 years and have been an instructor for the past year. You will not find a more knowledgeable and better baseball program in the area and that is one of the many reasons I wanted to come back. I am still learning the game and this is the best place to gain that knowledge. I want to help each and every player that comes through the door at the academy to achieve their goal as a baseball player, just like I did  as a player here.