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LVBA & Allentown Railers Alumni


Joe Bennie - Midland RockHounds, AA (Oakland Athletics, 28th Round of the 2013 MLB Draft), East Stroudsburg University, Allentown Railers
Robert Bennie - Vermont Lake Monsters, A (Oakland Athletics, 24th Round of the 2016 MLB Draft), East Stroudsburg University, Allentown Railers
Brett Bittiger – AZL Athletics, Rookie (Oakland Athletics, 40th Round of 2016), Fairleigh Dickinson University, Pace University, (Oakland Athletics, 41st Round of the 2011 MLB Draft), Allentown Railers
Tommy Burns – Clinton LumberKings, A (Milwaukee Brewers, 34th round of the 2012 amateur draft), Howard JC, Texas
Brian Ernst – New Jersey Jackals (Can-Am Association), Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks  (American Association), East Stroudsburg University
Pat Kregeloh – Washington WildThings, Frontier League), Shippensburg University
Justin Pacchioli – Tri-City Dust Devils, A (Seattle Mariners, 10th Round of the 2015 MLB Draft), Lehigh University, Allentown Railers
Anthony Renz - Las Vegas Train Robbers, (Pecos League), Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks (American Association), Evansville Otters (Frontier League), Mansfield University, Allentown Railers
Brandon Shimo – Winnipeg Goldeyes (American Association), Evansville Otters (Frontier League), Sussex Miners (Can-Am Association), Kutztown University, Allentown Railers
Shane Simpkins - Roswell Invaders (Pecos League), East Stroudsburg University, Louisburg College, Allentown Railers
Jimmy Smith – Roswell Invaders (Pecos League), St. Peter’s College
Matt Swarmer – AZL Cubs, Rookie, (Chicago Cubs, 19th Round of the 2016 MLB Draft), Kutztown University, Allentown Railers
Tyler Vail – Vermont Lake Monsters, A (Oakland Athletics, 5th Round of the 2010 MLB Draft), Evansville Otters (Frontier League)
Cody Weiss - Everett AquaSox (Seattle Mariners, 14th Round of the 2011 MLB Draft), LaSalle University, (Los Angeles Dodgers, 26th Round of the 2008 MLB Draft)

Division I

Joe Abeln – Lehigh University, Allentown Railers
Jake Augustus – Winthrop University
Joe Bartolacci – Temple University, Moravian College
Wes Baylor – Radford University
Tyler Carle – St. Peter’s College
Xavier Hammond – Bucknell University, Allentown Railers
Evan Fardella – Wagner College, Allentown Railers
Elias Gross – Rider University
Karl Keglovits – North Carolina State University, Allentown Railers
Cody Kramer – New Jersey Institute of Technology
Brandon Kulp – Lehigh University, Allentown Railers
Jay Maletz – Coppin State University, DeSales University, Allentown Railers
Jake Meyers – Saint Joseph’s University, Allentown Railers
Ryan Moore – Old Dominion
Jeff Murawski – Fairleigh Dickinson University
Jacen Nalesnik – Lehigh University, Allentown Railers
Chris Rabasco – University of Pennsylvania, Allentown Railers
David Rosenberger – University of Virginia
Eric Santiago – Cincinnati University
Shane Siebler – Fairleigh Dickinson University, Allentown Railers
Eric Snyder – Fairleigh Dickinson University, Allentown Railers
Brandon Wilt – Lehigh University
John Yocum – Rider University

Division II

Ryuta Amaike – Bloomsburg University, Allentown Railers
Shane Aster – Indiana University of Pennsylavania
Ryan Bonfanti – Kutztown University
Eric Boyer – East Stroudsburg University
Andy Brandstetter – East Stroudsburg University, Allentown Railers
Jarrad Choy – Kutztown University
Chad Cooperman – Bloomsburg University
Mike Glassic – East Stroudsburg University
Dave Glueck – Mansfield University
Tyler Guidos – Mansfield University
Drew Hercik – East Stroudsburg University, University of Delaware, Allentown Railers
Tyler Hill – Bloomsburg University
Andrew Hollander – University of the Sciences, Philadelphia
Ben Hudock – Indiana University of Pennsylavania
Matt Hurd – Bloomsburg University
Rhett Jacoby – Millersville University, Moravian College, Allentown Railers
Michael Kammerer – Kutztown University, Allentown Railers
Nate Kester – Shippensburg University
Pat Kregeloh – Shippensburg University (Washington WildThings, Frontier League)
Brady Mengel, Mansfield University
Keith Moyer, East Stroudsburg University, Allentown Railers
Max Mueller – East Stroudsburg University, Allentown Railers
Damin Muth – Bloomsburg University
Nick Rabasco – East Stroudsburg University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Allentown Railers
Bryan Reagle – Drew University
J.T. Reed – Bloomsburg University
Anthony Renz – Mansfield University, Allentown Railers, Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks  (American Association)
Ernie Ruch – Mansfield University
Eric Senior – Mansfield University
Shane Simpkins – East Stroudsburg University, Louisburg College, Allentown Railers, Roswell Invaders (Pecos League)
Pete Violante – Drew University
Corey Webb – West Chester University
Jay Young – East Stroudsburg University, Allentown Railers

Division III & Junior College

Mike Agosto – Northampton CC
Alec Bartholomew – Marywood University
Joel Bartoni – Arcadia University
Daniel Blazejewski – Dean College
Bruce Breithaupt – King’s College
Casey Brown – Centenary College
Matt Burger – Alvernia College
Colin Case – Moravian College, Allentown Railers
Tyler Cooperman – DeSales University, Allentown Railers
Mike Crowe – Centenary College
Harley Davidson – Louisburg College
Joey Deperno – Northampton Community College, Mansfield University
Brandon Eden – Muhlenberg College
Nick Erwin – Lehigh Carbon CC
Joe Forcellini – Centenary College, Allentown Railers
Chad Frankenfield – Centenary College, Allentown Railers
Dylan Frankenfield – Johns Hopkins University
Elliot Freeman – Northampton CC, Arcadia University
Gio Fricchione – McDaniel College
Anthony Gaetaniello – Moravian University
Mark Fuse – DeSales University
Tyler Harris – DeSales University
Kevin Heilman – PSU-Berks
Trey Hinkle – Centenary College
Nick Hoffman – Northampton CC
J.J. Jordan – Moravian College
J.R. Kirchner — Centenary College
Greg Kolaronda – Northampton CC
Cody Krupa – King’s College
Colby Kulig – Arcadia University, Allentown Railers
Evan Kulig – Moravian College
Alex Lawson – SW Iowa CC
Julian Lopez – Cecil CC
John Mahan – Keystone College
Mark Malantonio – Neumann University
Anthony Martino – Moravian College
Sean McKee – King’s College
Robert Mercado – Northampton CC
Anthony Monzo – Immaculata University
Elliot Mortimer – York College
Jason Okken – Northampton CC
Matt Orban – Keystone College
Mike Orban – Alvernia College
Mitch Renz – Centenary College
Carlos Perez – Northampton CC
Kyle Rissmiller – PSU-Berks
Nick Rodriguez – Arcadia University
Andy Rogers – Centenary College
Anthony Sartori – Centenary College, Northampton CC
Jimmy Saunders – Lehigh Carbon CC
Conor Smith – Misericordia University
Cory Snyder – Northampton CC, Allentown Railers
Anthony Sorrentino, Lehigh Carbon CC
Seth Stoudt – Northampton CC
Jonas Torrens – Keystone College
Derrik Walling – Bridgewater College, Allentown Railers
Brian Wildrick – Gwenydd Mercy University
Cody Younker – Neumann University (Alvernia College)

Allentown Railers Alumni

Joe Abeln, D1, Lehigh University
Ryuta Amaike, D2, Bloomsburg University
Justin Aungst, D1, Saint Joseph’s University
Joey Barron, D1, Stony Brook University
John Barr, D2, West Chester University
Jason Barthold, D3, Lebanon Valley College
Nick Behm, D1, Seton Hall University
Joe Bennie, PRO, D2, Midland RockHounds, AA (Oakland Athletics, 28th Round of the 2013 MLB Draft), East Stroudsburg University
Robert Bennie, PRO, D2, Vermont Lake Monsters, A (Oakland Athletics, 24th Round of the 2016 MLB Draft), East Stroudsburg University
James Bertolotti, D3, Alvernia University
Robert Bertolotti, D3, Alvernia University
Jeff Birkofer, D1, PRO, Morehead State University, Evansville Otters (Frontier League)
Brett Bittiger, PRO, D1, D2, AZL Athletics, Rookie (Oakland Athletics, 40th Round of 2016), Fairleigh Dickinson University, Pace University, (Oakland Athletics, 41st Round of the 2011 MLB Draft)
Andy Brandstetter, D2, East Stroudsburg University
Michael Burke, D1, Lehigh University
Cory Capaldi, D2, Pace University
Colin Case, D3, Moravian College
John Catchmark, D3, Alvernia University
Brandon Cholish, D2, Kutztown University
Casey Clauss, D2, Francis Marion University
Andrew Coffey, D2 Pace University
Casey Cooperman, D2, Bloomsburg University
Tyler Cooperman, D3, DeSales University
Ryan Cox, D2, Kutztown University
Conner Crookham, D2, East Stroudsburg University
Adam Davis, D1, Delaware University
Tommy Depaul, D3, DeSales University
Greg DeSarro, D3, Eastern University
David Drinks, D3, DeSales University
Pat Donnelly, D1, Lehigh University
Ben Dubas, D3, Alvernia University
Dillon Dunne, D3, Alvernia University
Evan Fardella, D1, Wagner College
Sam Flamini, D1, Xavier University
Pat Flynn, D2, Kutztown University
Joe Forcellini, D3, Centenary College
Chad Frankenfield, D3, Centenary College
Tory Fuscardo, D2, West Liberty University
Chris Gehris, D3, Alvernia University
Ian Glassman, D1, Central Connecticut State University
Anthony Grilli, D1, Binghamton University
Mike Guliano, D2, Pace University
Xavier Hammond, D1, Bucknell University
Jason Henderson, D2, Kutztown University
Drew Hercik, D1, D2, University of Delaware, East Stroudsburg University
Kyle Hunter, D2, Bloomsburg University
Rhett Jacoby, D2, D3, Millersville University, Moravian College
Cal Jadacki, D1, Saint Joseph’s University
Mike Kammerer, D2, Kutztown University
Karl Keglovits, D1, North Carolina State University
Jesse Kelso, D1, Canisius College
Brett Kosciolek, D1, Rider University
Colby Kulig, D3, Arcadia University
Jimmy Kraivec, D3, Centenary College
Brandon Kulp, D1, Lehigh University
Will Latcham, JC, Cumberland County College
Rich Michaud, D2, Shippensburg University
Jay Maletz, D1, D3, Coppin State University, DeSales University
Tommy Mariano, D3, Moravian College
Marty Martens, D2, East Stroudsburg University
Nick Mazzella, D3, Moravian College
Jason McCormick, D3, Immaculata University
Jake Meyers, D1, Saint Joseph’s University
Jack Moore, JC, Lehigh Carbon Community College
Gabe Mosser, D2, Shippensburg University
Keith Moyer, D2, East Stroudsburg University
Max Mueller, D2, East Stroudsburg University
Jacen Nalesnik, D1, Lehigh University
Mike O’Donnell, D2, Southern New Hampshire University
Justin Pacchioli, PRO, D1, Tri-City Dust Devils, A (Seattle Mariners, 10th Round of the 2015 MLB Draft), Lehigh University
Colby Pacillo, D3, DeSales University
Nick Pancerella, D1, Binghamton University
Sean Pare, D2, West Liberty University
Robbie Patete, D2, East Stroudsburg University
Sean Pavlik, D3, Penn State Berks College
Chase Pepper, D2, Mansfield University
Eric Peterson, D1, Hofstra University
Chris Polaski, D3, DeSales University
Ed Posavec, D1, Binghamton University
Steve Price, D3, Alvernia University
Chris Rabasco, D1, University of Pennsylvania
Nick Rabasco, D1, D2, New Jersey Institute of Technology, East Stroudsburg University
Dave Raifsnider, D3, Centenary College
Anthony Renz, PRO, D2, Las Vegas Train Robbers, (Pecos League), Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks (American Association), Evansville Otters (Frontier League), Mansfield University
Dalton Ruch, D1, University of Hartford
Darian Sarlat, D2, Kutztown University
Casey Saverio, D2, East Stroudsburg University
Ryan Sheekey, D3, Alvernia University
Brandon Shimo, PRO, D2, Winnipeg Goldeyes (American Association), Evansville Otters (Frontier League), Sussex Miners (Can-Am Association), Kutztown University
Shane Siebler, D1, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Shane Simpkins, PRO, D2, D3, East Stroudsburg University, Louisburg College, Roswell Invaders (Pecos League)
Conor Smith, D3, Misericordia University
Eric Snyder, D1, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Brandon Soat, D1, IUPUI University
Ben Stine, D2, East Stroudsburg University
Phil Stokes, D1, Campbell University
Matt Swarmer, D2, Kutztown University
Steven Wallace, D3, DeSales University
Derrik Walling, D3, Bridgewater College
Dan Woodley, D2, East Stroudsburg University
Evan Young, D3, Alvernia University
Jay Young, D2, East Stroudsburg University
Dan Zurowski, D3, Misericordia University