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The LVBA Staff has worked very hard to create packages at an affordable monthly payment while packing in as much value as possible. All packages will be explained during your son’s evaluation. If you haven’t signed up for your Evaluation please sign up today!

Shane Siebler testimonial

1.  How do you feel about the LVBA program?

Let me preface these comments by letting you know I am speaking here from my own personal experiences playing for LVBA. I feel the LVBA program is at the top of the travel baseball scene in the area. From the time I played here, the teams were comprised of the top players in the Lehigh Valley that aspired to play high level college baseball. I feel as though LVBA not only prepares athletes better for what college baseball is going to be like, but they actually help their players reach those goals by aiding in the recruiting process as well.

2.  How did you benefit from the program through your collegiate and/or professional career.?

I played for LVBA from the time I was a sophomore in high school up until the time I left for college ball, and without the program I can honestly say I would not have been prepared or recruited as well as I was. The academy prepares you for a higher level of baseball because you are constantly competing against top level players from all over the country. Along with that, the LVBA is filled with people who played at high levels who teach from their own experience. You simply do not get this kind of preparation playing baseball solely at the high school level.

3.  What made you decide to come back to the program as a coach and/or instructor?

The deciding factor for coming back to the program to help out is my all-out love and passion for the game of baseball. Through all my years of playing the game I learned that the people who succeed in baseball are the ones that not only have the talent, but the drive, and love for the game. It is a lifestyle that doesn’t just end when you step off the field, and LVBA embodies all of that from top to bottom.