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The LVBA Staff has worked very hard to create packages at an affordable monthly payment while packing in as much value as possible. All packages will be explained during your son’s evaluation. If you haven’t signed up for your Evaluation please sign up today!

2018 Evaluation/Tryout Information

 Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy Prospects Baseball Program

2018 Spring/Summer Evaluation Information

 The coaches and staff of the LVBA Prospects are currently putting together the spring/summer program for 2017.  We will be holding evaluations for ALL players affiliated with the LVBA Prospects for the upcoming season.  We have listened to the concerns, opinions and ideas of our client base and believe that a true pro-style evaluation/workout will put each and every player in a position to show us your son’s ability and determine their position within our travel team program.   Our goal is to create teams of players similar in talent and commitment.  Upon completing the evaluation, all players will receive a completed evaluation form from the LVBA staff.

Evaluation Fee

$30.00             (If you make a 2017 Spring/Summer LVBA Prospects Team, $30.00 dollars will be deducted from team fee) 

Evaluation Schedule

Dates:                         Mondays, January 8, 15, 22 (only need to register for one session)

Teams/Times:         8-13U            5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. 


                        ………14U-18U         7:15 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.    

Evaluation Outline

Time                                         Activity                                             Groupings                   Organization

0                                Open Remarks

0:5                              Dynamic Warm-Up                          Groups A-C                3 Lines – Small Skill Area

0:10                             30 Yard Dash, T-Drill, Broad Jump        Groups A-C                Small Skill Area

0:25                             Session A

Hitting –  Front Toss                  Group A                      2-3 Cages

Fielding – Partners/Line Drill         Group B                      Large Skill Area

Throwing – Routine/Rect. Drill         Group C                      Small Skill Area/Toss Nets

0:47                             Session B

Hitting –  Front Toss                  Group C                      2-3 Cages

Fielding – Partners/Line Drill         Group A                      Large Skill Area

Throwing – Routine/Rect. Drill         Group B                      Small Skill Area

1:10                             Session C

Hitting -  Front Toss               Group B                      2-3 Cages

Fielding – Partners/Line Drill     Group C                      Large Skill Area

Throwing – Routine/Rect. Drill     Group A                      Small Skill Area

1:30                             Closing Remarks/Dismissed



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