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The LVBA Staff has worked very hard to create packages at an affordable monthly payment while packing in as much value as possible. All packages will be explained during your son’s evaluation. If you haven’t signed up for your Evaluation please sign up today!

Softball Fielding Clinic

Fielding Clinic

Sign up here ==> 2018 Softball Fielding Clinic Signup Page

Or Contact Jeff Fischl at 610-442-7533 or lcbline@hotmail.com to sign up.


- Price is $150 per session.


- You get six 90-minute workouts per session.
- Ages: 8 to 18
- The Softball Fielding Clinic runs on Sundays from January 28 through March 4 from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m.


LVSA’s professional staff and/or Director of Softball Operations, will administer all sessions of the Winter Workouts.

Instructors include:

Eric Beltz                    Allen HS Varsity Coach
Pete Seyler                 Allen Assistant  HS Varsity Coach
Blake Morgan             Whitehall HS Varsity Coach
Jeremy Stanilious       Easton Assistant Varsity Coach
Jenna Heffner             All-American Collegiate Player, Penn State Berks
Stacey Boggs              Former Collegiate Player
Jason Fredrick            Tournament Team National Coach
Jim Fitzgerald             Tournament Team National Coach


Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy
1716 E Tremont Street
Allentown, PA, 18109