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Become a Prospect

The LVBA staff will conduct pro-style evaluations at two different points in the year: once in the winter, to evaluate players for the spring/summer seasons, and once in the summer, to evaluate players for the fall season. Each evaluation period will span three weeks, with three different evaluation dates. 

Evaluations will consist of speed and agility testing, and evaluation of your throwing, fielding, and hitting abilities. All evaluating will be conducted by top members of LVBA's experienced staff. After the evaluation period has been completed, notifications will be sent out to all evaluated players informing them whether they have made a team. Team fee deposits will then be collected.

Evaluating players must pay a $30 evaluation fee, regardless of which session they sign up for. If a player successfully makes a Prospects roster, this evaluation fee will be applied to their team fee for that season. 

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2018 Spring Evals
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