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Our Policies

Privacy Policies


Contact Data

When you register with us from our website, the information is used and stored at our academy. Occasionally, we may send you email announcements and updates about LVBA events and services. We will never rent or share your email address with other parties.


Payment Information

When you pay for a camp, clinic, product, or service on our site, you submit payment instructions to us including your credit card number and address information. This information is kept in a secure archival database for reporting, documentation, and record-keeping purposes only. It is never shared with third parties and is always encrypted for your security.

Other Policies

Lesson Policies/Payments

If you must cancel your scheduled lesson, a minimum notice of 8 hours is required to reschedule. If you cancel within 8 hours of your scheduled time, LVBA reserves the right to charge you for that lesson. All lessons must be paid for in full. There is no expiration date for lesson packages.


No credit will be given unless there is a medical emergency. At that point, a doctor’s note must be provided to receive a credit for the camp price, which will be valid to use at LVBA.

Team Policies/Payments

If a player chooses not to participate on one of our teams after paying his fee, the deposit will not be refunded. The rest of the payment will be refunded.

If a player becomes injured during the season, medical documentation is required. Players will receive a credit for time missed. No refunds will be issued unless there are extraordinary circumstances involved, and only then will the owner offer a refund for time missed.

Cage or Facility Rentals

If a player(s) or team does not show up for a scheduled cage or facility rental, LVBA has the right to charge you for that time, and no further sessions can be scheduled until payment is received for the missed session.

General Policies

All sales are final; no refunds, no exceptions. Please make checks payable to LVBA.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding LVBA’s policies, please call us at 610-351-0013.

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