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Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy is a 32,000 square foot baseball and softball developmental training facility. Our goal is to offer players of all ages and ability levels the tools they need to push themselves to succeed. Our facility can accommodate a wide range of baseball and softball training applications, in order to allow for both individual and team development. 

After more than a decade of serving the athletes of the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas, we have continued to tailor our facility and program offerings to suit the needs of all of our athletes. Whether you're a year-round baseball or softball player, or a multi-sport athlete, Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy can offer you unparalleled opportunities for development and success. 

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Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri:       12:30-9pm

Sat & Sun:    8am-7:30pm


Our mission at Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy is to teach and promote all aspects of the great games of baseball and softball.

The staff at LVBA is dedicated to creating an atmosphere where all ages and skill-levels can thrive. We will use a wealth of knowledge and passion garnered through extensive playing and coaching experience as well as state of the art equipment. The goal is to make each individual a better, smarter and more confident player and person in a pressure-free, low-stress environment.

Fundamentals, discipline, dedication and respect for the games we love will lay the foundation for well-rounded baseball and softball players, while including the most important, yet oft-forgotten element … FUN.

What you take from LVBA doesn’t only translate to the diamond, it travels well beyond. Come learn America’s greatest game with us at the LVBA. Let us help you create your own success story.

Thank you,

Dylan Dando
Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy

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