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Velocity & Arm Care with Sean Heimpel and Brett Palanksi

Velocity 2017-2018
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Sean Heimpel and Brett Palanski will be continuing their revolutionary weighted ball and throwing program that has proven results at the highest level and produced outstanding outcomes since the camp that started it all in 2014-15.


This program is not just for pitchers either--whether you are throwing down to 2nd base, making a throw across the diamond, or throwing someone out from the outfield, everyone can benefit from a stronger, more durable, healthier arm. 

Throughout the program each player will be conditioned with various exercises working the shoulder, the rotator cuff, and the scapula (New Iron Scap Program). Core and explosive movement training will also be incorporated.


The benefits do not stop at velocity, players will develop a healthier more balanced arm that will keep them on the field and off the DL.

Both instructors have pitched at the professional level:

  • Sean Heimpel formerly of (Nashua Pride, Washington Wild Things, Windy City Thunderboltz, San Diego Padres)

  • Brett Palanski formerly of (Nashua Pride, Quebec City)

During this 12 week program, players will go through an intense arm care regimen 2 times a week for an hour and 20 mins each session. Each player will get a base radar gun reading before we start the program, and his progress will be tracked throughout the program.

$275 a month per player

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