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Spring In-Season Training Program

Note: Program is geared for the high-school athlete, but any player 10U and older is welcome to participate.

Over the years, and after numerous conversations with players, coaches, and parents, the number one thing lacking at the Varsity and JV levels is individual player time.

There simply is not enough practice time for high school players to maintain the number of reps they got during the winter with swings, ground balls, etc. There are too many players to deal with, and the high school coaches also need to do situational instruction--throw in time constraints and the lack of facilities, and you are left with a struggle to get the practice repetitions that you need.  

Players who have put the time in during the winter and come into their seasons ready to go absolutely need to maintain those same number of reps throughout the season to stay at the top of their game. The typical high school practice of basic infield/outfield and 2 bunts and 8 swings simply will not cut it for the hard-working high school player looking to have a successful spring season.

We have developed a program for players in the midst of their spring season to help with maintaining these reps and addressing the needs of all  players so they can stay at their peak form throughout the season, as well as facilitating any adjustments that need to be made throughout the season.

Our Spring In-Season Training Program will start Sunday, April 8, and end Sunday, May 20, for a total of seven sessions. Each session will be an hour and a half long, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. 

The first 45 minutes will be focused on defense, and throwing will be kept to a minimum. The second 45 minutes will be focused on hitting and other aspects of offense. This program will be limited to 40 players, and our Director of Baseball Operations will be present during these training sessions.

The cost for each hour and a half training session will be $25, and you can pay as you go for maximum scheduling flexibility. Simply call us at 610-351-0013 to hold your spot.

Stay sharp all season long and do not let all your off-season work fade away. You will receive as many (if not more) quality, coached reps during these seven sessions than you will throughout all of your high school practices.

Good luck during your spring season, from all of us here at LVBA.

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