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Elite Player Development Camp

In recent years, we have witnessed an increased number of gimmicks and pop-up baseball programs throughout travel baseball, and have noted the negative impact this has had on player development. In response, we have devised an entirely new program at LVBA to ensure that our focus never strays from player development, with a foundation in expert evaluation/instruction and simple hard work.

This all-new program targets the most talented, most committed players in the area, and offers them an experience that they cannot find anywhere else.

Program Components

Program Structure & Schedule

  • An initial tryout will determine entry into the program

  • Twelve 90-minute sessions over six weeks

  • Saturdays from 11AM-12:30PM and Wednesdays from 6-7:30PM

  • Dates: JAN 8, 11, 15, 22, 25, 29; FEB 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19

  • Ages: players currently in eighth grade and above

  • Price: $395

Peerless Evaluation:

  • This program will exclusively be supervised by LVBA Director Dylan Dando, Oakland A’s Pro Scout Jeff Bittiger, and a select group of current and former professional players

  • Every player will be individually evaluated and provided with a comprehensive exit report, including: a detailed evaluation of that player’s skill profile, a grading of his specific tools, and recommendations for future training

  • These reports will be distributed to each athlete and kept on file at LVBA, with the potential to be distributed to college or professional coaches in the case of future player recommendations

High-Level Training:

  • High-speed, full-length batting practice, including off-speed recognition

  • Fast-paced, detailed defensive drill-work, structured to replicate game situations

Accountable Development:

  • Individual data will be tracked for multiple skill areas (hitter exit velocities, infielder catch and release times, 40-yard dash times) and included in exit report

The objective of this new program is simple: to provide players with the analysis they need to take ownership of their development.
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