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Matryx  Performance/Baseball  Specific Training


MATRYX Strength + Baseball Training

Pat Kregeloh has 6+ years experience of training baseball players from the youth to professional level. He spent two years as the assistant coach at Muhlenburg college and has been a coach and instructor at LVBA for 6 years. Pat has a background in biomechanics through graduating from Shippensburg University. Pat was a 2x All-State player at Pleasant Valley High School and a 2x All-American at Shippensburg University.

Ty is the founder and head trainer at MATRYX Performance. With nearly seven (7) years of experience, Ty has devoted more than 12,000 hours in his personal career to developing strength and athletic training programs to help over a thousand athletes including Olympic Level, NFL Pro Bowlers, National Champion and Pro Baseball athletes. Having been a two-sport athlete in wrestling and football at the collegiate level, he has the unique perspective of an athlete in training and great appreciation for the stakes associated with their success.

Together we are offering baseball athletes an off season all-inclusive training package to make a significant difference in on-field performance.
We will be tracking baseline throwing velocity and bat speed and after 3 months of both strength training and baseball training we will retest to show the results.

This program is 4 sessions/week
2 strength sessions(1.5hour) and 2 baseball training (1hour)
*sessions can be completed on the same day

{Buy Now}
$299 For the month

Running from November 11th- February 11th

After purchasing use this link below to sign up for your baseball and strength sessions:

For questions call Ty 484-387-0617

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